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TS 16949 Internal Audit Checklist

Has your organization established a management system (QMS) giving consideration to:

a) Identifying the processes needed and the application of the    processes throughout the organization.

b) Determining the sequence and interaction of the processes?

c) Determining the criteria and methods for operation and control of    the processes?

d) Ensuring the availability of resources and information to support    the processes?

e) Monitoring, measuring and analyzing these processes?

f) Implementing actions to achieve planned results and the continual    improvement?

g) If your organization out sources any processes that affects product    conformity, are the outsourced process controlled and identified?

h) Does your organization maintain control over outsourced    processes assume responsibility for conformity to all customer requirements?

j) Does your organization have a quality manual based on    TS16949:2009? Does it include the following?

     1) The scope of your QMS and justifications and details of any      exclusions
     2) The documented procedures for the QMS or reference them?
     3) A description of interactions between the processes of the      QMS?